The person

DANIEL KRAUS is a Munich based photographer.

Daniel studied art history and started his business as a freelance photographer in 1988. For the past 25 years he has worked across many fields of professional photography. After shooting for fashion catalogue (ELEGANCE, Regent, Karstadt and Kaufhof) for more than 10 years he now specializes in automotive (Car/motorcycle/bicycle) and lifestyle photography.

The concept

„Sublimating reality with a conceptual idea in my head describes my way of working best. Technical perfection, precise timing and adequate budgeting according to the clients needs is most important. The team spirit is family like. I fight for an image, not people. My team is motivated by enthusiasm, clearness, and the spirit to go further for perfect results. The concept of an ideal shoot is having a plan, a good portion of luck, being inspired by reality and achieving more than you expected. That´s just the point !“

Projects like „Miami Nighthawk“ and „Cactus Trans“ refer to an artistic program beyond my commercial work.